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If you are considering a visit to a plastic surgeon, regardless of whether this is to discuss removal of a skin lesion such as a mole or to talk about a breast reconstruction operation, making the appointment for a consultation can be daunting. Mr Cawrse will put you quickly at ease in this respect. Following a full discussion and examination focused on the area to be addressed the surgical options will be outlined. If surgery is not advised and non-surgical options are recommended then these will be highlighted. The consultation will be friendly, open and honest and Mr Cawrse will advise an operation only if a good result can be expected.

It is often helpful to read about the area of interest prior to the consultation in order to get the most from your appointment. There are descriptions of procedures on this website which may help and also links to other helpful websites to assist you.

Usually photographs will be taken of the areas of concern, and anonymised where possible, for your records. You will receive a letter detailing everything discussed at your consultation including any plan for surgery. Mr Cawrse will normally see you again for a 2nd consultation 2-3 weeks later to discuss any further queries. This will give you a further opportunity to read through the available information, consider the financial aspects of any planned procedure, for Mr Cawrse to arrange any preoperative tests and answer any questions.

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Mr Cawrse performs his procedures in a number of locations in Devon and Somerset.

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Your Safety

Mr Cawrse has an open and honest approach to each of his patients. When any surgery is anticipated he will make your safety his principle concern.

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Everybody is different. We understand why you may want surgery and will help you make the right choices.

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