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Before your operation, preparing yourself

Your safety is paramount. You can help too by ensuring the risks of an operation are reduced. Smoking, for example, has a significant effect on wound healing, increases the risk of chest infection after an operation and coughing can increase post-operative bleeding risk. If possible stopping smoking 6-8 weeks prior to an operation will be recommended.

Living a healthy lifestyle and keeping your height and weight in proportion is also important. This is calculated as a height: weight ratio known as body mass index (BMI). For many procedures a BMI of less than 30 will be advised and if required, with your consent, further detail and input from your GP may be sought to help you towards optimising physical condition in advance of an operation.

During the consultation the risks and potential complications of surgery will be outlined. Close attention to one’s health minimises these risks but be assured that if you were unlucky to suffer any such complication you will be seen quickly and treated. Mr Cawrse is well trained in all aspects of safe surgery but no surgery is risk-free. You can help minimise this risk and Mr Cawrse will be happy to advise you in this respect.

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Your Safety

Mr Cawrse has an open and honest approach to each of his patients. When any surgery is anticipated he will make your safety his principle concern.

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