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After your operation

Good post operative care allows for a comfortable and quick recovery. Mr Cawrse will continue to look after you, after discharge from hospital, until you are discharged from further follow up. Arrangements will be made for any post operative medications to be prescribed, such as pain killers, your dressings to be attended to, sutures to be removed if required and a follow up appointment with Mr Cawrse.

You will be advised about how to shower without affecting your wounds and who to contact should you have any concerns e.g. possible wound infection. You will receive all this advice before leaving hospital.

Post op concerns

It is likely that the hospital where your operation took place will be the first location for enquiry if there are concerns so that Mr Cawrse can be contacted. If you are away from the area or unable to contact your hospital then the local hospital Accident Department would be recommended.

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Mr Cawrse performs his procedures in a number of locations in Devon and Somerset.

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Your Safety

Mr Cawrse has an open and honest approach to each of his patients. When any surgery is anticipated he will make your safety his principle concern.

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Everybody is different. We understand why you may want surgery and will help you make the right choices.

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