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A small selection of testimonials direct from Mr Cawrse’s patients.

Breast enlargement testimonials

“I firstly would like to thank Mr Cawrse for the amazing work he did on me!

Everything worked out exactly how he said it would, my recovery went really well and the healing process was speedy.

I’ve never had breasts bigger than a B cup except when I was pregnant and breastfeeding took me down to an A cup. I became so self conscious and hated my deflated and flat breasts.

I absolutely love my new body shape, it has made such a difference to my confidence and I now love going clothes shopping!

Thank you”

BBA September 2019

“I am so pleased with the results of my surgery and Mr Cawrse has done such a wonderful job. I feel much more confident, and despite my condition, Mr Cawrse was very reassuring and gave me a lot of confidence in making my decision. He is s truly talented surgeon and I am so pleased I came to see him for my surgery. You, and the nursing staff at the Nuffield were extremely professional, very supportive and ensured everything went as smoothly as possible.

Please reiterate my thanks to Mr Cawrse once again”

LB BBA March 2019

“Following two pregnancies, breast feeding and a prophylactic hysterectomy, I realised my confidence had declined as I felt I’d lost my sense of femininity. I looked into having a breast augmentation but was anxious and unsure of the process. However, my appointments with Nick were straightforward and very informative and my mind was put at ease. His surgical work was perfect and my results are far better than I had imagined. The whole experience was on point and I could not have asked for a better cosmetic surgeon. I cannot thank him and his team enough!
Thank you again and I may be in contact again in the future!”

BBA October 2018

“I was so impressed with Nick’s professionalism throughout a very daunting process. My first consultation left me feeling confident that I was making the right decision to have breast augmentation. He explained the process thoroughly and made me feel at ease.

I received two follow up appointments after my surgery.  All the staff, before, during and after my surgery were so helpful and accommodating.

I am so happy with my end result.  My new boobs have given me the confidence I had before having my children, and I feel they are in proportion with my body.

I would highly recommend Nick and his team to anyone thinking of having breast augmentation surgery.”

SS BBA March 2018

“I recently had a breast enlargement with Mr Cawrse and I am brimming with satisfaction following on from my Op. After breast feeding two children, I wished for a modest enlargement to give to fullness back to my breasts and Mr Cawrse was excellent at interpreting my wishes. I have a fantastic natural result, the shape and size was just what I hoped for. The whole process was well planned and considered, Mr Cawrse gave excellent advice and all the nursing and administration were super. Although the recovery was a little harder on my body than I had anticipated, it was absolutely all worth it and I would highly recommend Mr Cawrse for anyone considering this treatment. One very happy patient!”

LH BBA October 2017

“Having breast enlargement has totally changed my life. I feel much happier in myself and my confidence has improved immensely in every way. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner! Right from the first consultation Mr Cawrse was very informative, honest and professional in his approach. He listened to me and the results are amazing. I can’t believe the difference in my before and after photos. The care and support I have received has been excellent throughout, the recovery was good and within a week I was pretty much back to normal with minimal discomfort. The communication has been excellent and his secretary has been very helpful and supportive during this time too.”

RP BBA July 2017

“I was made to feel comfortable from the very beginning of my consultations. I met with my surgeon Nick Cawrse numerous times to talk about sizes, etc to make sure I was 100% sure before booking a date for surgery. I was able to get in when I wanted and nothing seemed too troublesome. Everything was explained to me and when I went in for my surgery all of my questions had been answered and I was completely at ease. My stay at the Nuffield Hospital was brilliant. The staff were all incredibly friendly and attentive and the food and room were great. Very quiet at night considering I was uncomfortable from the surgery I had a good night’s sleep thanks to the facilities. I cannot thank Nick or his team enough for everything they have done and the service they give. Exceptional! Would highly recommend!”

LK BBA April 2017

“I am so pleased with the end result and Mr Cawrse was fantastic and put me very much at ease as I was so nervous. I had been thinking of having this surgery done for years and am so pleased I did it. It was money well spent and I would highly recommend Mr Cawrse to anyone.”

Patient 1

Find out more about breast enlargement (augmentation) surgery and how Mr Cawrse can help you achieve the results you desire. See some of his patient’s breast enlargement results.

Breast reduction testimonials

“Mr Cawrse is an extremely skilled and confident surgeon. After years of contemplating bilateral breast reduction I finally made a decision and recently underwent surgery.
The results are amazing – in fact I still can’t believe it and my quality of life and confidence has increased tenfold. Have always been very active and sporty and my breast size hampered my activities. Not any longer – I just wish I had had it done years ago. As Mr Cawrse says ‘routine surgery’ – it’s relatively pain free with a quick recovery time. I would highly recommend Mr Cawrse if anyone is considering this type of surgery. The care and consideration I received from start to finish from him and the amazing team at Mount Stuart was exceptional.”

BBR December 2019

“This journey started with great trepidation and wonder, as to whether I could really justify my breast reduction.   I have always had large breasts, in total totally disproportion with the rest of my body, resulting in a lack of confidence, severe back and shoulder ache not to mention spending the majority of my life trying to hide them in oversized jumpers, with shirts and dresses never fitting.  I spent a lot of time reading up on the operation and scouring surgeons bios. For me though Mr Cawrse’s website, personal statement and ethics stood out from all the others and I am so glad I chose him. During our first meeting he allayed all my fears with understanding, assurance and professionalism.

The operation and recovery were far easier than I expected, the stitching so neat and the aftercare excellent.  I highly recommend Mr Cawrse, I can’t thank him enough for my beautiful new breasts, a perfect size and literally a weight off my body and mind!. He has truly changed my life. As so may others say I just wish I had done it sooner”

BBR April 2018

“I am thrilled with the results and I feel like a woman again I can wear nice bras I do not feel disgusting now and I have my confidence back.
I hated the fact that one side dropped and just looked awful.

Thank you so much for giving me back the person I used to be. I love my new boobs again- I just stare at them in the mirror.
The service there was great and you treated me with dignity and respect and understood my situation you listened and knew what I was looking for and explained the outcomes plus the risks and I knew what I was doing.

For me following your advice was the best thing I could have done, it all went smoothly and I’m thrilled. Thank you and I know you help many more people out there.”

UBR December 2017

“I am very happy with my treatment and surgery. I was treated with courtesy and sensitivity regarding my reduction. Thank you very much Mr Cawrse.”

Patient 2

“I am very pleased with the service received and very happy with the outcome.”

Patient 1

Find out more about breast reduction surgery and how Mr Cawrse can help you achieve the results you desire. See some of his patient’s breast reduction results.

Abdominoplasty testimonials

“My experience with Mr Cawrse was wonderful.  He is a very kind, professional individual who explained very clearly what would be happening during my procedure and what results I should expect.  Both procedures (mini face lift + tummy tuck) went very well.  The scarring from the mini face lift is hardly perceptible.  My tummy tuck scar is fading well.  Even the nurses were impressed with his stitching!  After care was very good.  I would definitely recommend him.”

Mini-facelift & tummy tuck July 2019

“Mr Cawrse was professional and put me at ease in the consultations, which allowed me to make the right decisions for the results I wanted. I’d heard he was a perfectionist with his work and I’m really happy with the results. I had a rectus repair, mini abdominoplasty and breast augmentation, after 2 children left my abs separated, skin a bit loose, and breasts deflated. I didn’t want a dramatic transformation and didn’t feel pressured to go for unnatural results. The confidence boost and ability to wear things I used to wear has been well worth it.”

Mini-abdo & bilateral breast augmentation January 2019

“I am a recent patient of Mr Cawrse and underwent a fully tummy tuck to remove excess skin following weight loss and two children. 
I would like to report back at how happy I am with the results achieved following this procedure. I have a nice neat and even hip to hip scar which fits easily in my newly purchase bikini bottoms, I have a nice contour of my waist and tidy belly button.  The results actually exceeded my expectations following lots of images I had viewed online prior to the procedure as its always a good idea to set a realistic expectation, depending on your size and shape, prior to going ahead with the procedure. 
My confidence with my new tummy is so much higher than it was pre-op, I finally feel like this body belongs to me again. 
The recovery was obviously sore during the first week or so, as you’d expect following surgery of this level, but I was up and about with my children and in my own bed much sooner than other stories I had read online. 
Mr Cawrse and the other staff at Mount Stuart provided fantastic care, nothing was too much to ask and I felt completely comfortable in their care.”

Abdominoplasty December 2018

“I would recommend Mr Cawrse and Exeter Medical to anyone who feels self-conscious about their body and wants to make a positive change. I cannot fault the care that I received at every stage of the process.

Recovery was quick and the results are even better than I hoped for. My scars are minimal and are easily hidden in underwear, I know that given a bit more time they’ll be barely noticeable. I really am so glad I went for it.”

NH mini-abdo & bilateral upper capsulorrhaphy April 2017

“I was very pleased with every step from first consultation to pre-op assessment to hospital stay and surgery to post-op appointments.

I am thrilled with my results and wish I had done it a year ago- but am so glad I did it now.

I feel a new woman (and so does my husband!).”

Patient 3

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Facelift testimonials

“May a just say having had a MACS procedure with Mr Nick Cawrse FRCS (Plast), I am very happy with his work and the results of.
I would definitely go back to him for any other procedures which I may decide to have in the future and most certainly recommend him!”

MACS facelift November 2019

“I went for a MAC’s facelift as it seemed to do everything I wanted with the option of sedation which was a no brainer.
Mr Cawrse was great, explained everything fully and gave me the confidence in what could be achieved. The team at Exeter Medical couldn’t have been better either. I am very pleased I took the plunge!”

MACS facelift January 2019

“I am so, so happy with the results of my MAC facelift.  It did exactly what I wanted, lifted my jawline and took away the sad look on my face.

The change is subtle enough that people are not questioning whether or not I had have surgery. Although friends/family do say  I look amazing, fresh, well, happy and confident.

Throughout the whole process  I was treated with care, kindness and skilful consideration. During the procedure itself I felt sleepy, relaxed and most importantly safe.

After surgery there was tightness and bruising for a couple of weeks although my recovery has been relatively quick. I was back at work within two weeks.

A big thank you to Mr Cawrse and his wonderful team for giving me back my sparkle.”

MACS facelift December 2017

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Upper arm lift (brachioplasty) testimonials

“I’m delighted with result, it’s made a huge difference to me. The care and service provided by all staff involved has been excellent; very helpful, friendly and professional.
I would definitely recommend Exeter Medical and surgery with Mr Cawrse to anyone.n.”

ULB June 2019

“I cannot recommend Mr Cawrse more highly. I had bilateral brachioplasty done. I am so pleased with the result. The scars will fade but I already have the confidence to wear sleeveless tops.

He’s a very pleasant man who doesn’t talk over you like some consultants. I would not hesitate to come back to him if I considered any other cosmetic surgery and I have passed on his details to some of my friends who are already considering surgery due to extreme weight loss.

Thank you again.”

SB January 2018

Find out more about Upper arm lift (brachioplasty) surgery and how Mr Cawrse can help you achieve the results you desire. See some of his patient’s upper arm lift (brachioplasty) results.

Liposuction testimonials

“I couldn’t recommend the Exeter medical team, Traci & Mr Cawrse enough.

From my initial contact, through to my final post op consult, has all been smooth & efficient & comprehensive. Mr Cawrse was very clear in what results were achievable & what expectations were unrealistic.

I feel the results are better than I could have hoped for!”

Liposuction July 2018

Find out more about liposuction surgery and how Mr Cawrse can help you achieve the results you desire. See some of his patient’s liposuction results.

Prominent ear correction testimonials

“For many years I was unhappy with the size and protrusion of my ears. After initial online communication, I met with my surgeon Nick Cawrse who listened to my concerns and expectations. He explained clearly surgical options and outcomes and this was delivered in a compassionate and supportive manner. Any questions I had were answered fully and finally a date for surgery confirmed. We agreed Pinnaplasty to both ears along with surgery to reduce the size of both lower lobes With the exception of some minor discomfort from the anaesthetic the entire surgical process was surprisingly pain free. Post surgery I took some paracetamol for the first 36 hours but after that none was required. The follow up appointment to remove sutures was also painless. I met up with Nick six weeks after surgery to review the overall process and in essence to ensure I was pleased with the results.
In conclusion I am thrilled with the results. The size, shape and protrusion of  my ears is exactly as I would want them moreover there is no visible scarring. I would not hesitate to recommend the expertise of Mr Cawrse to anyone considering surgery. I just wish that I had the procedure years ago.”

Pinnaplasty July 2019

“Thank you.
Feedback-friendly, efficient, professional, flexible, reassuring, skilled. I am so pleased with the result achieved with minimum fuss and pain. I would highly recommend.”

Pinnaplasty 2019

Find out more about prominent ear correction surgery (pinnaplasty) and how Mr Cawrse can help you achieve the results you desire. See some of his patient’s pinnaplasty results.

Circumferential body lift testimonials

“My experience with both Exeter Medical and Nick Cawrse has exceeded all my expectations. I have found the whole process simple and straightforward, and importantly for me fit in my with my work schedule.

Having a considerable amount of excess skin, I was embarrassed at the thought of showing this to medical professionals, but I needn’t have worried as Nick Cawrse was sympathetic, professional and put me at my ease.

Turning to the results of my lower body lift, I am delighted and did not expect the beautiful result I have. I am no longer self conscious and have minimal scarring which considering the two stone of skin removed, is wonderful.

I am very grateful for the care and skill received and would not hesitate to recommend both Exeter Medical and Nick Cawrse for cosmetic procedures.”

July 2019

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