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Breast surgery after weight loss

When a person loses weight and ‘trims down’ this weight is lost from all over the body including the breast. When a lot of weight is lost then breast size can be significantly affected and the breast may look and feel empty. This is because the skin of the breast is insufficiently elastic so as to tighten when breast volume reduces. Many women will be delighted and proud of their achievement and new figure but disappointed with the resultant reduced breast volume and shape.

There are numerous techniques to address this and often more than one area of the body will need attention (e.g. abdominoplasty). Occasionally a breast implant alone is required to restore volume and an acceptable shape. Frequently though the breast skin needs to be tightened and lifted as well (augmentation mastopexy). These procedures are performed under general anaesthetic and will require at least an overnight stay in hospital.

Mr Cawrse can advise you of the most appropriate technique to achieve the desired result.

More information can be found at the BAPRAS website section on body reshaping.

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