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Breast enlargement (augmentation)

The breast can be enlarged in a number of ways. Most commonly this involves a silicone implant placed under the breast tissue or under the chest (pectoralis) muscle. Silicone implants come in a large range of sizes and shapes including anatomical or ‘teardrop’ shape. The degree of projection and base dimensions of the implants also vary and which implant is best for you depends not only on how much bigger you wish to be but also on your size and shape.

A detailed consultation is required to cover all aspects of this operation to include:

  • Preferences for size and shape to be achieved
  • Placement under muscle or breast tissue
  • Short and long-term risks and complications
  • The surgery itself and what happens after
  • Whether special tests are required before surgery

You may be asked to do a small test between the initial and second consultation to give an idea of the size you wish to be. Mr Cawrse will explain this to you. There is no evidence that silicone implants are associated with significant illness or breast cancer. The implants used by Mr Cawrse are also used in his NHS practice made by a reputable manufacturer and , dependant on type, come with a warranty against rupture.

The operation is performed under general anaesthetic and takes 1-2 hours. Occasionally a wound drain is required and most patients stay in hospital overnight after which the drain is removed. Painkillers are used to keep you comfortable and a sports bra is worn for support for 4-6 weeks. The wound will take 10 days to heal but dissolving stitches are used so there is no need for stitch removal. A plastic dressing is used to cover the wound so you may shower normally after the surgery. While the wound is healing you should be off work (1-2 weeks) and avoid strenuous exercise for about 4 weeks.

View a selection of breast enlargement results and breast enlargement testimonials from Mr Cawrse’s patients.

More information can be found at the BAPRAS website.

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