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Correction of breast asymmetry (unequal breasts)

Most women’s breasts are not equal in shape or size. However for some the size difference is significant where one breast is underdeveloped compared to the other or indeed one breast overdeveloped compared to the other. This can have a negative impact from an emotional, psychological and social perspective. There are many techniques available to reduce or enlarge one breast so that it matches the other and Mr Cawrse can advise you in this respect. Sometimes both breasts need to be adjusted to achieve better symmetry (matching).

Usually a general anaesthetic would be needed and at least an overnight stay in hospital though this may be longer depending on the procedure/s required. Occasionally tissue expansion is used to stretch a small breast into a larger one as a preliminary procedure. Mr Cawrse will advise you if this is recommended.

More information can be found at the BAPRAS website.

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