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Tattoo excision before and after results

Many patients considering tattoo excision surgery find it very helpful to see what can be achieved with this procedure. Some of Mr Cawrse’ patients have been kind enough to share the outcomes of their surgery on his website. Written consent to publication on this website is obtained following discussion with Mr Cawrse and can be withdrawn at any stage. Patient confidentiality is ensured at all times. All post op (after) images displayed are taken at 6 weeks post op.

Tattoo excision results – case 1

Before Tattoo excision


Tattoo excision results immediate post op

Immediate post op

Please visit the Tattoo excision page to find out more about this procedure and how Mr Cawrse can help you achieve the results you desire.
See a selection of confident testimonials from Mr Cawsre’s patient’s showing the life enhancing effects their surgery.

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