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Every person is different. Our bodies change through life either by way of the natural ageing process, following weight loss, after pregnancy or as a result of injury or intervention. The way we live our lives, our lifestyle choices, careers and hobbies all impact on who we are and Mr Cawrse will explore all these areas in order to understand you and your reasons for exploring plastic surgery. In this way any potential benefits in addition to emotional and psychological improvements can be addressed.

For some surgery is not the solution but may be made better with the help of a professional psychotherapist to explore such issues further.

You may like to bring a family member or trusted friend to the consultation who may then help clarify your questions and the outcome following the consultation but also act as a chaperone during the process helping to put you at ease.

It is vital that your surgeon understands you and that you understand your surgeon in order for the issues to be successfully addressed and result in a positive outcome. The consultation will be open, honest and friendly to ensure that any expectations of what can be achieved are realistic. You should feel informed and comfortable with any decisions reached following the consultation and in particular that this has been specific to your needs.

Where plastic surgery is planned Mr Cawrse will meet with you for a second consultation to ensure all your questions and queries have been answered and you are happy to proceed.

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