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Lumps and bumps (including lipoma)

Most people have lumps and bumps of the skin the majority of which are benign. The NHS will not fund removal of benign (not harmful) skin lesions for cosmetic reasons. However if you wish to self-fund removal of a skin lump then this can often be arranged at the time of your consultation. A mole that has changed (become darker, itched, started bleeding, become irregular at the edge or much bigger) then a review appointment with your GP should be arranged.

Removal of minor skin lesions is usually performed under local anaesthetic and takes about 30 minutes. Where possible dissolving stitches are used with any non-dissolving stitches are removed 5-7 days later and the wound reviewed at this point and 4-6 weeks later.

Cost of removal can vary particularly if pathological analysis is needed to rule out a harmful skin lesion, but also if there are a number of lesions to be removed.

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