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Achieving the best results

The key to achieving the best results after your plastic surgery is to follow Mr Cawrse’s advice and recommendations including:

  • Keeping a healthy lifestyle
  • Adhere to the advice given prior to and following your operation
  • Good scars that are inconspicuous is the goal of any plastic surgery procedure. After a given time, usually ~3 weeks, scars should be massaged firmly for several minutes as often as convenient using a non-perfumed preparation e.g. E45 cream as a lubricant. Some like to use Vitamin E or BioOil preparations. The colour in a scar fades with time but this can take upto 18 months
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Mr Cawrse performs his procedures in a number of locations in Devon and Somerset.

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Your Safety

Mr Cawrse has an open and honest approach to each of his patients. When any surgery is anticipated he will make your safety his principle concern.

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Procedures and Treatments

Everybody is different. We understand why you may want surgery and will help you make the right choices.

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